Software engineer, iOS, Salesforce and Web Developer. I'm in love with NodeJS, HTML5 and PHP.

Expertise —

  • Cloud Technologies
  • Salesforce Certified Dev
  • Web & App UI/UX
  • Wordpress Development

Technologies —

  • Javascript and NodeJS
  • Objective-C and Swift
  • Java, Apex and Visualforce
  • MongoDB, SQL, Realm

Values —

I’ve always been fascinated by programming and also attracted by new technologies. Indeed, I really like being updated about new SDKs, APIs, frameworks and programming languages for my projects.

Curriculum —

2016 — present
Salesforce and Mobile Developer

2015 — present,
IT Manager and Coordinator

2013 — present
Indie developer,
Price Radar development

Education —

2016 — present
Politecnico di Milano,
Master in Cloud Computing and Agile Methodologies

2014 — 2016
Politecnico di Milano,
Computer Science and Engineering

2010 — 2014
Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia,
Computer Science and Engineering

Experience —

I was born on October 28th, 1989. When I was twelve, I was creating my first website and some years later I started working with HTML and PHP. I have been a great CMS PHP-Nuke fan and I had been a contributing-developer of a very popular fork, PHP-Nuke Evolution. Especially, I developed a plugin called “NukeJMap”, which was a site-map generator. Moreover, thanks to my studies, I focused on Java and later I started writing in Objective-C. Meanwhile I learned HTML5 and Javascript languages. Today, I'm a master degree student at Politecnico di Milano and I'm an indie developer of iOS dev community.

I created PriceRadar, a very useful app which allow people to save money tracking prices on Amazon, which is considerably popular in the AppStore. Recently I also released another iOS app called SeguiTreno, able to track Italian trains and give information about delays and strikes.

I believe code is poetry and I love challenging tasks

How I work —

I really enjoy learning new stuff and working in groups and I’m always open mind to new ideas. As a developer I’m obviously addicted to the Apple ecosystem but without ignoring other platforms. I keep myself up-to-date reading computer science news. Last but not least, I really enjoy cooking and making pizza.

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